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     Nowadays, if I meet younger people who run machine shops, they're working there because it was their father's machine shop. You don't see a lot of young guys starting machine shops. But it's a respectable trade..... Jay Leno "Really Neat Article"
A Canadian IAMAW Site
     A Canadian IAMAW Site
A Local out of Virginia
AFL-CIO Main Site
     This the main AFL-CIO Website.
America: Freedom to Fascism - Director's Authorized Version
     A video about tax laws in America. Worth watching. Where are these laws? The IAMAW nor Local 263 is not to be held responsible for you tax bill or your jail term if you don't pay your taxes.
American Machinist
     American Machinist Magazine and "Practical Metalworker" - Metalworking Forum
AVG Free Anti-Virus
     Link Fixed 8/3/07. An excellent free Anti-Virus. It will update itself if you choose that option. Disclaimer: Myself nor anyone connected to this Union Local will make no guarantee that this will protect your computer.
Boeing Aircraft Local
District 19 Website
     This is the link to the District 19 website.
Executive Paywatch
     The average CEO of a Standard & Poor's 500 company made $11.75 million in total compensation in 2005, according to a preliminary analysis by The Corporate Library.
     Know your Rights but please check with our Local or General Chairman before signing up for the Family Medical Leave Act.
FTC: Free Credit Report "Official Site Link"
     This is the free credit report site set so that you can check your credit every 12 months. LL 263 assumes no responibilty for site or any other linked to it. 2006 CDP
Gas Mileage Saving Calculator
     This calculator shows how long will it take before you pay off the balance of a vehicle purchase and really begin saving money.
GasBuddy.com - Check Gas Prices
     Click on your state on the map and it will take you to links to local gas prices.
Graniteville train disaster
     At roughly 2:40 a.m. Eastern Standard Time, two Norfolk Southern trains collided near an Avondale Mills plant in Graniteville.[1] Norfolk Southern train No. P22 was parked on a siding near the Avondale Mills plant.
H&W Benefits site: NRLC
     This site has downloadable forms and benefits books.
History of the IAM
     Timeline of the IAM
IAM Main Site
     Main page for the IAMAW.
IAM Store
     Link to a site that sells IAM Union clothing and more.
International Metalworkers' Federation
     Our organization represents the collective interests of 25 million metalworkers in more than 200 unions in 100 countries. The IMF is a federation of national unions - a union of unions - in the metal industry at world level.
Links to H&W Benefits
     This site has downloadable forms and your benefits books.
Local 2766
Local 2777
     A Military Aircraft Maintenance Local in Florida
Local 695
     A Washington State Local
Local 845
     Las Vegas!!! Lucky Dogs
Machine Tool Reference Archive
     A massive amount info on Machine Tools.
Machining Links
     Additional Links to machinist info sites.
Machinists News Network
     Labor News For Working Families, in Video Format.
Microsoft Office Alternative free software
     My sons have been using this for quite sometime and it works great and opens virtually every MS Office document. It's actually less complicated than MS Office. It's completely legal open-source software.
Mid-Atlantic States Labor
     An Internet Resource for the busy Union Activist
Norfolk-Southern Corp.
     Norfolk-Southerns Main Page
North Carolina AFL-CIO Site
     North Carolina AFL-CIO Site
NRLC Propaganda Site
     This is a propaganda site created by the National Carriers, being represented by "The National Railway Labor Conference" to make us look bad.
NS Safety Brain Training Site
     This is different.
     Presidential Emergency Board description
Railfan Europe
     Links to railways in Europe and other parts of the world.
Railfan Links - Huge source for rail websites
Railroad Data
     Over 5,000 railroad links. Online since 1996.
Railroad Retirement Board
     Main Page of The Railroad Retirement Board
Show Us The Jobs
     51 people traveled through America's Heartland to tell their personal experiences with Job loss and the effects of the national job crisis on their communities.
Stupid Train Stunt
     This was real smart! You can see the spectators in the background.
The Fighting Machinist
     Very Nice Site!
The Union Edge
     Union Talk Radio online
The Union Review
     Labor Movement and Views
     This is a website for Transportation Trades Department of the AFL/CIO.
U.S. Department of Labor - Machinist Info
     Machinists use machine tools, such as lathes, milling machines, and machining centers, to produce precision metal parts.......
Union Plus, Benefits, Consumer Discounts & More
     Union Plus is brought to you by Union Privilege, established by the AFL-CIO. Our mission is providing consumer benefits to members and retirees of participating labor unions. Feel free to start using your Union Plus benefits right now!
UTU Website
     This is the official site of the United Transportation Union
Welcome to the Virtual Machine Shop
     The Virtual Machine Shop (VMS) is a web site dedicated to the perpetuation of machine tool knowledge and training. This not-for-profit project is designed and maintained by volunteers from industry and academia and is free to everyone. Please feel fr
Welding Design
Winpisinger Training Center
     Nice site!

Union of Unemployed - UCubed
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